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Activities at School

The school curriculum leads to sound academic growth. However, involvement in co -curricular activities is an essential part of schooling.

Some of the activities which the school provides are:

1. Games and Sports : Swimming, Athletics, Archery, Shooting, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Khokho, Kabbadi, Other Indoor Games etc.

2. Art and Craft : Drawing, Painting, Craftwork and creating Best out of Waste.

3. Music : Instrumental and Vocal.

4. Dance : Western & Folk dance.

5. Computer : Multimedia Presentations, Graphics Designing, Desk Top Publishing (DTP), Computer Hardware, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Programming, Internet, Web Designing, Online Projects etc.

6. Ecology / Environment Studies : Seminars, Projects, Exhibitions, Quizzes, Demonstrations, Symposium etc.

7. Reading Scheme Activities : Students are exposed to words, sentences, stories as per their level, so that they enjoy hearing, repeating and understanding and demonstrating.

8. Language Enrichment Programme (LEP) : Providing opportunity for students to master the language through constant exposure to audio and audio-visual inputs to build expression and vocabulary using dialogues and discussions.

9. Personality Development Programme (PDP) : Paper Presentation, Radio Talks, Lectures and Seminars, Communication Skills in English, Manners and Etiquette and Value Education.

10. Audio Visual Learning Supplement : Learning by doing is the call of the day, especially for the junior classes. The school enriches the curriculum with AV aids to ensure better understanding and retention.

11. Assessment Activities : Every subject will have activity assessments toencourage students perform beyond pen and paper test.

12. Language Enrichment, Mental Maths and General Awareness : Tests are conducted to enhance Linguistic skills, Mental Mathematical aptitude and General awareness.

13. Yoga and Diya Meditation : Great emphasis is given to yoga and Diya Meditation to bolster up the power of concentration, accentuate memory power and balance Physical Mental aspect.

14. Personality Development Clubs : are organized for holistic development of the children and tapping their inherent talent in the fields of their interest.